Step 1 - Apply now

Initial applications reviewed with a soft pull on your credit report only.  No hard pull to start!  Our loan scoring system will help our team members identify all the best products to ensure your success. The Bank Loan Depot system, both digital and live, will review the request and provide you up to three loan offers in first 24 hours.  

Step 2 - Select your offer or offers

You will receive as many as three loan offers to consider.  Once you have made your selection The Bank Loan Depot team completes review of your file and makes sure that our funding department is ready to fund as quickly as possible.  Once you provide any necessary supporting documents to your account manager we get to work.   We will make sure any combination of term loans, equipment funding and credit lines moves as efficiently as possible. 

Step 3 - Ensure all paperwork is completed

The Bank Loan Depot team will work with you to ensure if there are any final stipulations they are completed as quickly as possible so final funding documents can be issued. 

Step 4 - Sign loan documents

If you have selected The Bank Loan Depot option our inhouse team members will work to fund your loan as quickly as possible.  Rest assured your account manager will be assisting you from opening to closing of you loan!

Step 5 - You receive your funds! Your Done!

Your funded! First payment to be due in about 30 days.


The world of business finance can be a complex and frustrating experience for any business owner navigating the business loan and cash advance noise. Call or email us today about your next small business loan so we can answer any questions you have about your unique borrowing needs. or (949) 404-4373